Departed from Marrakech

Private full day to Essaouira


In an exceptional site along the Atlantic Ocean, a rocky peninsula is braving the waves: Essaouira, ancient Mogador which was previously occupied by Portuguese on the 16 th century. It surprises by its unique architecture, its houses with blues cannons pointing the ocean.


The city was fortified by a french architect and is nowadays a secret refuge for rock stars such like Jimmy Hendrix or Cat Stevens Appreciated for its tempered climate pleasant all year long, as well as it’s magnificent ramparts, the Sqala and its doors, its amazing Medina, typical mosques, synagogues and churches. Also many craftsmen are specialized in marquetry with Thuyas roots .They offer a wide range of items, from the small souvenir until great furniture.

20 minutes before Essaouira, women in local villages offer a relaxing and cultural break. Thanks to women’s associations, we can discover the way they extract Argan oil. This is the unique place in the world where the argan tree grows and gives to its oil nutritive, cosmetic and medical virtues.


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